07 May 2012

32 Dogs play in sprinklers (32 pics)

Here are 32 wonderful pictures of dogs play in sprinklers.

32 pictures of dogs vs sprinklers, funny dog pictures, funny dogs, dogs vs sprinklers, dogs play with sprinklers

06 May 2012

Elephant plays harmonica (video)

Shanthi, a 36-year old Asian elephant living at the National Zoological Park, has a special talent. She can play a harmonica and also composes her own tunes.

Two-face cat (pic)

A very interesting cat.

A cat with different eyes' color and face, cute cat, cat picture

Source: imgur.com

Kissing and biting booth dogs (pic)

Dog on the right, your business won't go well. Trust me.

funny dogs, dog picture, dog kissing booth

Source: imgur.com

Obsessive cat (video)

Do not close the cabinet door!

Can I have a hug? (pic)

Bear needs a hug.

This bear wants you to hug him, funny bear, funny animals, funny bear picture

Source: imgur.com

05 May 2012

Bulldog on trampoline (video)

A bulldog having fun on trampoline.

Frustrated ferret loses his food (video)

A ferret tries to sneak food through a small space but can't figure out why it won't fit.

Funny animal photobombs (20 pics)

Animals are great photobombers! Check out these 20 pictures of animal photobombs.

20 pictures of animal photobombs, funny animal pictures, funny animals, animal photobombs

04 May 2012

Bye bye human (gif)

See you lateerr !!

Animated gif of cute elephant waves its trunk, animated gif, funny gif, animal gif

Funny animals of the week (25 pics)

Funny animal pictures for this week. Enjoy.

Funny animal pictures for this week (May 4 2012), funny animals, adorable animal pictures, cute animals

03 May 2012

Sacramento police dog survives after getting shot in the neck (16 pics)

Bandit is a Sacramento Police K-9 officer. This 4-year old German shepherd is trained in patrol, narcotic’s detection, tracking, and article searches. One day, while responding to a reported home invasion buster, Bandit was shot in the neck by a suspected robber while he was blocking the robber’s escape. He had to be rushed to a veterinary hospital to treat his wounds.

Bandit, a Sacramento Police dog survives after getting shot in the neck by a robber, Sacramento Police K-9, awesome dog, brave dogs, amazing dog, k-9

Awesome animals in extreme sports (30 pics, 2 videos)

These animals are total badasses. They feels the need to push themselves to the edge in extreme sports. Here they are, animals doing extreme sports.


Awesome and badass animals doing some extreme sports, funny animals, extreme sports, badass animals

Chicken adopts kittens (4 pics)

Kittens got a new mommy!!

A chicken adopts kitten., cute kitten pictures, adopted animals

02 May 2012

Never been kissed (pic)

Looks like this puppy got his first kiss from a kitten.

A cute kitten kisses puppy., cute kitten picture, cute puppy picture

Source: imgur.com

Dog guarding owner's bike (video)

Cute dog protects the owner's bike from being stolen.

Meet Claude, a 15-pound monster Tasmanian king crab (5 pics)

This Tasmanian giant crab named Claude. Claude weighs a mighty 15lbs and measures 15 inches wide. He's still a juvenile and will grow to double his weight.

Claude is a 15-pound Tasmanian giant crab that was caught in Australia and now is in British aquarium., monster tasmanian king crab, tasmanian giant crab pictures

01 May 2012

30 Cute baby animals (30 pics)

Your heart will explode when you see these 30 pictures of cute baby animals.

Gallery of cute baby animals that make you wanna say awww, cute baby animals, cute baby animal pictures
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